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Seeking refuge from a stormy evening, you and your friends find a strange retro Hotel to stay in for the night.  Suddenly, the Front Doors lock behind you and you are trapped in this Blast from the Past with no way out…but up!  With no Hotel staff in sight, you’ll have to use your observation and investigation skills to repair the Elevator. Then you can finally make your way to the Penthouse on the 13th Floor to uncover a secret that’s out of this world!

The Hotel features 6 connected rooms, each featuring their own unique puzzles to solve in order to reach the next stage of the adventure.  Become immersed in the Retro Atmosphere as the record player belts out your great grandma’s favorites tunes, but don’t be fooled by the cozy vibes because this Hotel is more than meets the eye!  Will you be the ones uncover its mysteries and escape…? The Hotel?

6 Rooms

60 minutes.

Adventure with SCIFI twist.

Fear Factor: Medium

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Group Size: 2-6

Please book using the online process for tickets to play

The Fortune Feller

You’ve all been summoned to claim your inheritance from the last will and testament of your long-lost great auntie Phyllis, a Fortune Teller of high repute who claimed she could speak directly with spirits of the dead!  However, as you step into her finely decorated parlor the ghostly visage of Phyllis herself calls for your aid!  She has unfinished business in the mortal world and needs your help crossing to the other side.  Complete her tasks and release her spirit, or else she just might claim your souls for herself…

The Fortune Teller features 4 connected rooms that you progressively unlock as you solve each puzzle.  These new rooms will interact with each other in unique ways and force your group to use teamwork to continue.  Witness the paranormal come to life as the spirit of Phyllis makes herself known, reacting to every puzzle you solve in her domain!  Can you work together and finally be the ones to help Phyllis pass on, or will you succumb to petty squabbles and become just another soul in her collection?

4 Rooms

60 minutes.

Paranormal Mystery

Fear Factor: Medium

Difficulty Level: Challenging

Group Size: 4-6

Please book using the online process for tickets to play

Located in the heart of downtown Portland

Just one block south of Pioneer Square on SW 5th and SW Taylor st.  We are next door to the Duniway Hilton Hotel in Portland.  LOOK FOR THE PIRATE OUTSIDE OUR ENTERANCE.

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Rules & Restrictions

You and your team will need to communicate and think through clues to reveal the solution. While the puzzle is very fun and enjoyable, it is NOT designed to be easy.  It is intended for anyone 16 years and older. The game is not suited for all ages!!! Some areas of the game are not Handicap Accessible.

  • No Brute Force allowed! This is a thinking game, NOT a breakout game.
  • If you break props or equipment, you will be subject to pay for damages!
  • DO NOT STAND on anything, all clues will be within hands reach.
  • No Recording Devices, Phones or Cameras will be allowed to be used in the game rooms.
  • Team Work and thinking out-loud is essential! Communication is key!!!
  • You are under recoded video surveillance.
  • You are offered Clues if you get stuck.
  • Please do not talk about the game clues while in the lobby or around the event as it will ruin the experience for others.
  • You MUST be 16 years old or older to play. You must be accompanied by an adult if under that age.
  • You will be escorted into the game area by a Game Master.
  • Please leave all tools and keys or clues close to the area they are found. Please DO NOT put any of our property into your pockets.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to Anyone !!!
  • Emergency Exits or equipment are intended for use in an Emergency Only. They are not part of the game.
  • All groups must book for a minimum of four guests

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be in the room with strangers?

We only book you with your friends or coworkers in a group of four to six people.

Why do you not allow phones?

This is a game of wits; we do not allow any outside help. We may provide scratch paper to work out problems.

How smart do you have to be?

The game is challenging, but is also fun. Most people do just fine; remember we offer clues !!!

Do you get anything for winning the game?

Self satisfaction and a smile !!!

Will anyone be in the room with us?

No! Just you and your wits, unless you call us for assistance. Unless indicated in our room descriptions in booking.

What happens if we need help or clues?

We will provide up to two clues if you need them.

Do you have strobe lights?

No, but we do use light controllers that make the lights flicker. Unless indicted in our room descriptions in booking.

What if I have to leave the room during the game?

Once you leave the game, you have forfeited. The rest of your team may continue to play, but you will not be allowed to re-enter.

I have Claustrophobia?

We suggest that you do NOT play this game as some of the spaces are small.

Are the rooms scary?

Each room is themed to be fun and entertaining with hidden clues that can be startling, but it is subjective for each participant. Unless indicted in our room descriptions in the booking, they are not designed to be scary.

What are the recommended ages?

Our sets are designed for guests 16 years old or older. However, kids under the age of 16 can be accompanied by an adult while inside the escape room. The adult must be present at all times with the under aged guest. Children sometimes find clues that adults normally would not. We DO NOT offer any child discounts !!!

Is there a penalty for being late?

DO NOT BE LATE… Unfortunately, we have a small time-frame in which to reset the room for the next group. We suggest you and all of your guests arrive 15 minutes early. We will allow the late person into the room after being late, but the end time remains the same.

What should I bring to escape the room?

All personal items are to be stored within the room you will be playing in. Please bring as few items as possible when coming in to play your game.

What happens if I do not escape the room in the allotted time?

You have one hour to complete the challenge, however some will not finish the game. We will offer a final clue if you like, but some will wish to return and play again.

How should I dress?

You should be sure to dress comfortably and be able to move around on the floor and into small places.

Where are you located?

We are located INSIDE Glowing Greens Blacklight Adventures Portland Location at 509 Sw Taylor St., Portland, Oregon.
Reach us by telephone at 503-222-5554.

Our location Includes

Escape Rooms

Glowing Greens Mini Golf