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Indoor Blacklight

Miniature Golf


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Glowing Greens is Portland’s premier 13 hole, blacklight indoor 3‑D Adventure miniature golf course!

Stop in for a unique game of golf in our fun and memorable atmosphere. We offer individual and group rounds for 13 holes of miniature golf. Give your family and friends a party that they will never forget. Glowing Greens is great for every age and groups of any size. An average game takes approximately 45 minutes to finish depending on group size, course capacity and personal pace of play. (ADA compliant, limited to 4 total guests based on space)

Price listed upon booking. Guests 3 yrs. and under are free.

Please book using the online process for tickets to play

Located in the heart of downtown Portland

Just one block south of Pioneer Square on SW 5th and SW Taylor st.  We are next door to the Duniway Hilton Hotel in Portland.  LOOK FOR THE PIRATE OUTSIDE OUR ENTERANCE.

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Rules and Restrictions

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your tee time.
  • If you arrive late, we will not guarantee access to the course if we are fully booked.
  • Please be aware that we do not offer refunds. By making a booking, you agree to our 100% no refund policy.

Our location Includes

Escape Rooms

Glowing Greens Mini Golf